About Barry L Young

I am a 62 year old artist and filmmaker. I also write. A lot.

I’m a native Californian. Well, almost. I was born in Reno, Nevada “The Biggest Little City In The World”. On June 13, 1949, 1:30pm- to be exact. My mom, dad and brother, Mike, had been living in Greenville, CA with my mom’s dad, “Grandpa” Clifford, but they wanted a good sized hospital for the “event”. Also, my dad, who was a bricklayer (“Masonry Contractor”, as he frequently pointed out), thought there would be work in nearby Reno. Wrong. There was still snow on the ground. In fact, it snowed the day I was born, even though it was already summer. I don’t think it does that anymore. Climate change?

Interesting note. I was born in Saint Mary’s Hospital and fifty some years later I directed a commercial for that very institution. Odds? About 200,000 to one.

I’ve been in the Director’s Guild of America for about twenty five years.

To my knowledge, I have never killed anyone. At least that I know of. I have, however, wished many people dead. And prayed about it later. In most cases.

I have never been, but plan to get, arrested in the near future. It will either be for posting art on public walls (considered vandalism- even terrorism, in some cases) or a for a worthy act of civil disobedience.

Word. (Press).


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