“Follow the Money”. A Rant

Follow the money. Therein the tale is told. Look at any payment you make-bills, purchases, taxes, donations, see where it ends up. What percentage of revenues actually goes to improving or even maintaining goods or services? What percentage goes to executive compensation? To the CEO, the CFO, the COO? Marketing versus R&D? What is the ratio of employee compensation to management perq’s? How much work is done offshore? How much of the stock value relates to financing, withholding payment, cutting back on product, salaries, wages? Is the CEO spending more time with mergers- using the company’s value to manipulate stock price and his salary, options and bonuses- than actually helming the corporation. Is their a strategy one of short term gain over solidifying and strengthening the company?

I’m not a liberal because it’s trendy. ‘The devil is in the details…. so is God’. Facts, please. I read/monitor everything from WSJ to the Nation, The Economist to Atlantic, Huff Post to Fox ‘news’. I apply Occam’s Razor, logic and discernment.  I watch Wall Street, Main Street, global markets, commodities, balance of trade, housing prices- I look to see who is buying and selling mortgages, futures and hedge funds. I ask my financial planner why some of my funds fare so poorly- even in bull markets- what the fees are for, and how she could sell us such atrociously underperforming annuities, bad life insurance policies and how did she herself get duped. I believe nothing in the media until I find out who’s paying for it- who the sponsors are, who is paying vast sums to create ‘press’. I read labels and do research.

I do not shoot from the hip; I don’t choose, decide or vote based on impressions, feelings, personal taste or- especially- from prejudice. If and when my conservative friends offer logical advice, I take it. But… when they say ‘I don’t believe in global warming’, I become perplexed how they can deny what 99% of scientists assert to be true; I believe in science.

I employ the same skills in fathoming the political-economic morass that i use to direct huge complicated productions. I embrace problem-solving. I am well accustomed to complexity, complications and making very difficult decisions. In doing si, I strive to divorce myself from ego and strive to learn- I’d rather be enlightened than ‘right’. I’d rather see solutions than titillate myself w self-serving endeavors.

I am disgusted with myself when I succumb to, and indulge in blame. I can only change my own actions.

Why this sudden proclamation about proper behavior? Because, more than anything else, this is about my kids- and yours- having a future, having a shot at education, opportunity, prosperity and personal freedom. You want to know why we can’t balance the budget? Give me an hour and I will tell u exactly why we don’t have a balanced budget, why there are no new jobs, why we are all struggling, why our quality of life is declining, what we are up against, who profits from our misfortune… and exactly what we can do.

God bless us each and every one. and every one.

‘We shall not cease from exploration’ T.S. Eliot